Looking at the Face of Disaster

To be honest with you, I never really did the whole political thing.  I really wasn’t that interested in it until it landed me in the face and punched me right upside the head.  My governor, Scott Walker, decided that enough was enough, and worked to stop spending money that we don’t have here in WI.  He worked for a type of reform that would save the taxpayers, balance the budget, and put the money that was being wasted to work for good use.  I love my governor and I hated it when they went after him.  I saw people who wanted the government to take care of them.  People who wanted to get the best they could out of legislation instead of what they could make for themselves.  Add to that other life circumstances, and in a way, this all awakened the sleeping giant of me when it came to politics.  I had worked so hard to keep my head afloat in hard economic times that I didn’t have a chance to look beyond my own nose to see the greater picture.  I started to get to know my politicians- those who represented me.  Scott Walker, Van Wangaard, Paul Ryan- big names who I became so proud of as they fought to keep the government out of my life so that I could live it.  I proudly voted for Scott Walker in his first election and again in his recall.  Paul Ryan had my vote as a Congressman here in Wisconsin.  I have to admit to not wanting him personally to serve as VP, because that means I’ll lose him as my congressman, but America needs him.  We need his leadership, his vision, and his love for this country.  We need people who will stand up and give some “tough love”.  People who will stop giving out hand outs and tell you that the government is here to help you and instead create a situation where people can help themselves.  The USA wasn’t built on handouts that the government gave to help people but on what people did to help themselves and it is high time that we embrace that heritage again and do what we know we can do- work for ourselves instead of lazily letting others take care of us.  I don’t do this often, in fact this might be a first for me.  But I think, if they actually stick to their guns and do what they say, they can really be America’s Comeback Team.  I support Romney and Ryan for Prez and VP.  The question is, what will you choose?  False hopes that are based on the government giving us everything?  Or real hope of the freedom of giving ourselves what we want?


Offensive in the Eye of the Beholder

Everyday I hear things that are offensive to me.  From the walk through Walmart to conversations at a restaurant, there are horrific uses of my religious beliefs for others slang terms.  There is no apology, no call for a paradigm shift that would be inclusive of my beliefs that would show toleration to how I live.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  I am told by those who are the most “tolerant” that  my beliefs are archaic, intolerant, and possibly violent.  I really am just the girl next door.  I am the preacher’s daughter and the preacher’s wife.  I am a Christian.

This, however, seems to be more threatening to some than the most violent criminals in prison.  Battling church’s and even individual Christians at every turn, more and more atheist groups, claiming separation of church and state, are trying to force churches underground, with government support, stating that it is illegal to speak of God in public because it is against the Constitutional freedom of others.  The Constitution was written at  a time when people were coerced to go to church by the government and told how they were to believe and how they were to worship God.  The point of having religious freedom is not to have freedom from religion but to have a freedom to practice religion the way we choose.  I should be just as free to talk about Christ if the subject came up as I am to talk about the cloth pads I use instead of disposable.  It’s about the freedom of choice.  In fact, anyone who truly values their freedom here in the United States should value and treasure the gambit of religious beliefs, from atheism to Christianity, from Judaism to Islam.  The point of “separation of church and state” is to keep the state from mandating a religion, even if that religion is atheism.  So, in fact, each time the court orders an individual to halt any type of religious action, no matter if it is Christian, Wicca, Mormon, or Sikh, it is violating the rights of those it is supposed to protect, not upholding the Constitutional “right” of “separation of church and state”.  (I’d still like to know where in the Constitution that phrase comes from.)  It’s not about whether or not an individual is offended.  If that is the litmus test, then a lot of people should halt their manner of speech as I am offended!  However, I recognize it’s their right, though I disagree, and I will not bother with it so long as it doesn’t become an issue.

Where it becomes an issue is if I am required or mandated to become a part of something that is not my belief.  If, in my speech, I want to thank Jesus Christ for my many blessings in life, that is actually no problem.  Those who are listening can either decide to agree or not to agree, but it doesn’t force them to do anything more than listen to my testimony.  If it is too offensive, they are free to get up and leave, tune me out with the use of an iPod, or start up a conversation with the person next to them.  I have done that on many occasions, from political speeches that I couldn’t stomach to teacher’s lectures that bored me.  However, if I forced someone to hear this or they would be arrested, detained, or otherwise put through the government judicial system, this would be a problem.  The line that the government wouldn’t mandate a single religion would be crossed and that would be a violation of the Constitution.

However, the opposite is true in our country today.  Crosses are being taken down from public and private lands because it offends those who may be of another religious persuasion.  The court then rules against one religion and for another in those cases.  Other examples can be found here in a report put out by foxnews.com.  It’s a fascinating read.

It’s that time of the month, and I am going to throw a party…?

I just finished my first order with a wonderful company, Party in my Pants.  I know that sounds completely dirty, but give me a minute!  They are reusable menstrual pads.  Guys, if you happen to read my blog and just got very, incredibly uncomfortable or embarrassed right here, click on something sports related now, because this is one of those girlie related posts that you might not want to tune into.

This company started making their own pads and marketing them to women with the idea that just because it’s “that time” for a woman, you don’t have to be completely miserable.  I have been using cloth pads for almost three years now and I would never go back.  I started with a pad called Mommy’s Touch.  I love them!  They are comfortable, have reduced my cramps and my clots, and have made me feel normal again when I have to deal with that reminder of Genesis 3.  The thing that made me want to order something different as I found that I needed to add to my collection is the amount of “fun” that the Party in my Pants ladies add to their product.  Instead of hiding the blood, they recommend ways to get the stain out and offer a variety of amazing pattern choices in comfortable cotton and flannel (and even organic!).  This means that I can keep an eye on “how much” is coming out of me, just in case I need to monitor if something is wrong, wear something that is fun when I may not be feeling my best, and still be wearing something that will be much more comfortable that hot plastic and paper that has given me rashes in the past.

Cost effective, these little guys are around for five years plus with the proper care (check out each manufacturer’s recommendation.  I recently just ordered something called “Rockin Green” for my pads as the Party in my Pants folk mentioned that might be a good one!  More on that after I have tried it out!)  and I never have to worry about the late night rush to the drug store for the necessary essentials as they are always washed and ready to go for when I am.  Looking back over the last three years, I haven’t had issues with BV or yeast infections.  I can usually tell if something is “off” with my period because I have learned what is “normal” after rinsing out my pads and washing them.  Oh, yeah, that’s the one I get asked the most.  Doesn’t it gross you out to wash them?  Not really.  Stick them in the shower, turn the shower on cold, rinse.  Check on them every so often until the water runs clear, squeeze excess water out, stick in wet back until you are ready to do the wash.  They really don’t smell that way and there is very little worry of stains.  Personally, I find it easier than disposable.

Maybe you’re curious?  Take my challenge.  The gals at Party in my Pants will send you a free panty liner, just for being curious.  I linked their website up top and on the image below.  Click on it, fill out the form, and see what you think of going cloth. 

I lost something important, please don’t help me find it!

About 20 pounds.  That’s what I have lost.  I am very grateful to have lost it and hope that it stays lost for a very long time.  I am so incredibly sold on Curves.  One workout, 30 minutes a day, for me, five times a week, and I am fitter than I have been in a long long time.  Just the ability to get the workout in before my long shifts at work have allowed me to get rid of some of my stress and give me energy that I need to face the day instead of getting tired and wanting to teeter out about half way through the night.  I want to eat better, be healthier, and I am finally training myself that “treats” mean that you don’t do it all the time.  Tough stuff, but it’s working well, and I am healthier for it.  I am still debating when I am going to measure myself for new scrubs for work.  Right now I am sporting some very baggy pants and very baggy shirts, but I don’t want to go a size down and then have everything look incredibly tight.  I might hold out a bit longer just to see if I can stretch my budget and get more life out of these scrubs.  I can’t help but be very proud of myself though.  It’s nice to get a little bit healthier without it kicking your butt all over the place.  If your thinking about getting fit but not sure where to start, think Curves.  Honest, not paid for this advertisement for them, in fact the only thing I am getting out of this is in shape, but your Curves really will amaze you!