When Life Gets in the Way

This is what I get for working my “week on” “week off” pattern.  I think life either got in my way or got away from me.  Either way, I happened to think about my blog over Thanksgiving and realized that I hadn’t posted to it in months.  So much has happened since I last posted on here!  I don’t even have time for the cliff notes version.  As I start to post again I am sure it will come out.  Until then, I’ll just have to fill in the details as I go.  The biggest lifestyle change I decided to make was to start Nutrisystem.  The exercise was doing it’s job but I still couldn’t seem to eat right on my week on.  That was where it was the hardest.  So, I decided that something like Nutrisystem where it was all prepackaged and ready to go for me when I got to work would be the best.  At my heaviest, I (rather shamefully) weighed in at 227.  With just working out and trying to cut out some of the nasties in my diet I plateaued at 200.  It took me months to get that far and I was so frustrated.  I started NS in the middle of October.  I am happily already at 189 a little over a month later.  I am still trying to make my goal of going to the gym five times a week and walking three miles each time I am there.  That’s where I want to get to and I know I can stay determined enough to do it.  It’s just a matter of balancing my life when I am working that really sets me off.  The only other huge news I will post over at the Schellenbach Aviary about Wynter.  We believe she is our new PDD case in the flock.  Interesting information related to PDD with the possible diagnosis, however. 

So, stay tuned here, (hopefully!) for more blog posts on my favorite place to hang out- Shedd Aquarium, possible politics and frustrations with our current liberal direction, and my successful weight loss journey, as well as the ever present theological and other musings that cross my mind.