I have sorta taken it on myself to be our family’s historian.  I work hard to find out the stuff that no one might know, or perhaps even care to know, about our family and bring it to life in charts, books, and as much as possible, preserve it so that we know where we come from.  I can see features of my great grandfather from pictures in my nephew’s face.  I see personality traits passed on from my mom to her granddaughters already.  I pray that I have the patience and the understanding that both my grandmothers have and that they would be proud of me that maybe in me they see a little bit of them.  But what has been instilled in my family throughout the generations is the great love for our country and the freedoms we share because of the sacrifices made by brave men and women who have fought in our armed forces.  Today, I am taking time out to thank the ones from my family.  Some names you may recognize.  Most you probably won’t.  And, to my relatives that read this blog, if I have missed someone, either because my records are incomplete or because I can be a ditz at times, please comment and add them!

Currently serving, Lt. John Kirk, USCG (my brother)

Served in peaceable times: Michelle and Tony Schalliol, US Army and Jimmy Clark, USMC (my cousins)

1st Gulf War: Cmdr. Jack Kirk, USN, ret (Chaplain Corps); SSG Michael D. Meyer, US Army, ret (my father and uncle)

Vietnam War: SSG Michael D. Meyer, US Army, ret and Dale E Petersen, USMC (my uncles)

World War II: Gayle J. Kirk, USN Sailor; Charles R. Wheeler; Owen Stanfield, US Army POW; Arthur Owen, US Army, medic; Carlos Stanfield, USN Pacific; Ronald Stanfield, USN Pacific (both my grandfathers and my great uncles)

World War I: Matthew C. Kirk (my great grand uncle)

Civil War: Zachariah Williams (my great great great grandfather)

Revolutionary War: Cornelius King (my great great great great great grandfather)

To those I have missed and to those I have forgotten, I am sorry and maybe round abouts this time next year I’ll have you added.  🙂

To all those who have served, are serving, given their lives, and sacrificed for this great country so that I can sleep tonight in peace, knowing that I have the freedom to gather and worship Christ the crucified without fear of being arrested, persecuted, or martyred for the faith and that tomorrow I can go about my business in this great land, my deepest thanks.