Racism the New McCarthyism of the 21st Century?

It used to be, back in the 1950’s, that all it took to ruin someone’s career was to accuse them of being a communist.  In a world where the Cold War was on the hearts and minds of the American people, a senator from WI would go after anyone and everyone thought to be a communist, even if there was no evidence for it.  In fact, the simple accusation was enough to cause people to distance themselves from the accused, attempting to show their patriotism to America, and keep themselves off the “Red List”.  The accusation of being a communist ruined careers, lives, and families of the accused.

Sound familiar?  It seems that the threat of racism, without evidence, is doing the same thing that McCarthyism succeeded in doing almost sixty years ago.  A man who found himself in a bad situation that might have been avoided found it necessary to defend himself.  He was marked racist because of who he was in the altercation with, a black teenager.  Though a minority himself, he was still labeled a “white who identified himself as Hispanic racist” who profiled the black teen.  Though it has been found that the man was not racist through the testimony of friends, family, and people who have been on the receiving end of his charity, it hasn’t stopped popular and mainstream media from labeling him a racist.

A rodeo clown, whose job is to entertain must like the late night talk show hosts and comedians who make political jokes regularly, dons a mask depicting the latest president, and is labeled a racist and banned for life from the career that has supported himself and his family for a long time.  Perhaps it was in bad taste, but so was Pearl Jam’s treatment of a George Bush mask not that long ago.  Bad taste does not make a racist.  Criticizing the president of the United States does not make a racist.

A reality tv show personality lost her job over a statement that she made twenty years ago and has now also been labeled a racist.  One who has now lost her career and most prospects of ever getting it back.  Is it worth it?  Is destroying people because they might be racist worth it?  What type of message does it really send to the rest of the country, the rest of the world?  Does hate extinguish hate?

This is a breeding ground for true racism.  This is the breeding ground for people to truly hate each other and be suspicious of what others will do to them because of the color of their skin.  It’s time to stop.  Stop trying to find racism where it is not.  Stop seeing injustice of race where true miscommunications occur.  Start forgiving.  Start showing care for everyone not by showing how much of a racist everyone else is, but by treating each person like an individual.  Stop seeing the race of other people and start seeing the people for who they are and what they stand for.  Their actions, more than the color of their skin, will tell what type of person they are.  And if they show that they are insensitive and, yes, even perhaps racist, don’t blame their entire race for the actions of one person.  Put blame where blame is due, on the individual whose actions deserve the blame.

Wake up, America!  It’s time to move on from childish games.  There’s real grown up world stuff going on that is far more important that falsely accusing those who we don’t agree with as racist.  It’s time we stood up for each other and the rights of the individual to say and do things that are insensitive and conversely of whom we agree with because those rights are being stripped away, and the seat of the most freedom in the world is crumbling from within as our rights are being stripped away.  It’s time to respect freedom over the control of others and get back to what the Founding Father’s wanted for our country, the freedom to live as we choose.


Why Everyone Should be Against the HHS Mandate…

When the government agrees with you, it’s easy to allow them to take power over what seems innocent, just, and right.  When they don’t, it’s easy to cry tyranny.  Perhaps a better way to be is to allow the government none of the power to overshadow our lives, be it something that is agreeable or not.  Obviously there should be punishments for blatant, outward sins against another.  If someone is murdered, if someone steals, if someone spreads a horrid rumor in order to harm another, of course there should be ruling authorities to punish and stop wrong doers.  But what if it is something not so obvious?  Birth control itself has many controversy on whether or not it causes abortions.  It’s not just about how some believe life begins at conception either.  Does birth control prevent ovulation therefore no baby can be aborted due to the thinning of the lining of the uterus?  Some would argue yes, others no.  The point is, it is an ambiguous point.  Therefore, as free American citizens, we should be free to choose for ourselves what this means.  There are devout Christians who use birth control with no problems of the conscience.  There are those, however, who would have a great crisis of conscience if they were to use birth control.  The ultimate choice shouldn’t lie with government enforcement of one side of the debate over the other.  The government should be neutral, not looking to benefit from the majority, but to help protect all from unnecessary and burdensome rules that would keep freedom at bay.

To illustrate, what would happen if the HHS mandate stated that all homosexuals must be reformed to the heterosexual way of living, be actively involved in heterosexual dating or long-term relationships, and that the taxes paid by the homosexuals and everyone else would go to programs reforming homosexuals to make them conform with the majority of society, as this is the right thing to do for all Americans.  There would be an outcry from the Democrats and the liberals alike.  It is not the government’s place to decide what is best for the individual.  Even now with the gay marriage lobby it is heard time and time again that the government should stay out of the bedrooms in America.  But what is the difference between the chants of those who wish to have same-sex marriage, that they should be free to choose who they will spend the rest of their lives with, and those who say that they should be free to choose where their money is being spent and they find it morally objectionable to fund abortions, abortion causing drugs, sterilization, and birth control?

This isn’t just about the government deciding that these drugs and procedures in the HHS mandate are morally correct and right, this is about forcing those who would comply and go against conscience or defy and be penalized by the government losing their freedom to live as they wish.  America is not a democracy, it is a republic, which is designed to protect the individual from the masses.  Perhaps there are those in our government who have forgotten that.  It isn’t about regulating people with overreaching laws but about allowing people to live without having a government regulate and legislate their lives.  For those who agree with it, the HHS mandate is wonderful and forces those stuck up, uptight, religious wackos to pay for things that the rest of “normal” society wants.  Truthfully, however, if the pendulum sings the other way and the people in power forcing the decisions now are replaced by those of another persuasion, what power have they now been given?  Who is to say they won’t ban the HHS mandate and even ban all birth control, sterilizing medications, and abortion?  This isn’t just about “getting one side’s way”, this is about giving the government way too much power over what should be individual’s decisions.  These are not the marks of a free society.  These are the marks headed towards a dictatorship.  Comply or face the penalty wasn’t the battle cry of the Revolutionary War.  It was give me liberty or give me death!

Liberty is not about the majority getting its way.  It is about allowing the individual the freedom to live their lives without overreaching, burdening government control.

Don't Tread on Me

It’s Been a While

Six months to be exact since I have posted here.  I need to do it more often.  I do.  Life tends to get in the way.  However, it seems, that I am not without deep thoughts, just not always thoughts that I share.  However, the more I watch The Blaze, the more I realize that maybe I am not alone in my thoughts, that maybe I am not the only person who feels the way I do, and maybe, just maybe, there are fellow Americans out there who believe, as I do, that we are on the wrong path in our government, that the focus of the American people is being fundamentally shifted to something that is dangerous to individual liberties and to the freedoms Christians enjoy in this country.  The time is coming soon that active persecution will happen in America that will look more like what the Christians went through under Caesar in Rome.  It sounds so foreign, but it’s not.  Giving up our freedoms for free stuff gives others reign over our lives, which includes what we will eat (think New York’s soda pop ban), how we will live (ObamaCare), and what we will believe (the Boy Scouts recently were the latest to cave over bending to the will of the collective beliefs of our government about homosexuality despite stating that it went against core beliefs in previous statements).  My parents used to tell me that they paid the bills and therefore they got to tell me how I will live.  I thank them for that now, as my parents didn’t see me as a collective with my brothers, but attended to my needs personally and individually.  However, if the government is paying my bills, they could use the same argument and tell me what I have permission to do and what I don’t.  To be honest, one of the things that every child looks forward to when they grow up is the ability to get out from under their parent’s “rule”, so to speak, and right the perceived wrongs.  This allows people to live their own lives, doing as they wish.  Living under the government rule, there is no rite of passage, there is no “moving out”.  The government would be able to dictate from cradle to grave, the sole provider of all the needs of the people.

The government has some competition, however.  As a God-fearing, Bible believing Christian, who will tell you that I have nothing apart from what my Heavenly Father has given me through Jesus Christ, His Son, I have an issue with the government stating that it will take the place of God in my life, providing for my every need.  Sure, God could work through the means of the government, and has for many people, but that’s not what the government pushes to believe when the topic comes up.  Instead of seeing itself as an agent of the God who created heaven and earth, they see themselves as a means to an end all on their own.  Taking their authority not from God, but from themselves, they will decide that God is no longer in the picture and the only god who provides for meat and drink, house and home, clothes and shoes, fields and cattle, and all of the needs to support this daily life is the government itself.  That’s what God promises us in the Fourth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer.  I would much rather work hard on my own, earn my keep, and work to support myself and my family under God than I would give up my God and get all of this “stuff” supposedly for free.

Perhaps the biggest “war on religion” in the US today is not the one we suppose on the surface.  The government is fighting to take the place of God.  The government wants to be the one supplying our every need, ensuring that we are never uncomfortable.  In order to accomplish this task, they must remove God from the public arena, thus telling Christians that religion is private and should happen in the home, as if it was a shameful and embarrassing act, forcing the religious symbols out of the public view and even demonizing the religious as dangerous zealots who are radical and a threat to civilized society.  Popularizing secular accomplishments that glory in the actions of men rather than God working through men, the government cannot accomplish this quickly, as the backlash would be phenomenal.  Instead, attacking one freedom at a time, the government slowly turns up the heat so that people are unawares until it is too late.  It seems that it is at its peak now, with the IRS spying on the TEA Party and it’s members, the press and it’s workers, ObamaCare forcing people to turn over their healthcare to the government, and the gun control debate that relates directly to the freedom of the 2nd Amendment with the bulk of Americans seeming not to care because of either the “stuff” they can gain from it in terms of personal acquisition or opponents being suppressed for more seeming popular beliefs, but even a look to WWII Germany will state that it can get worse.  There is a fundamental problem when the government believes it is God.  Whether it is is Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt, Caesar in Rome, or Hitler in Germany, once the government believes that they are a god, trouble follows.  Rome fed Christians to the lions.  Hitler massacred more than just Jews.   The path the US is on is going to be just as destructive.

I am a part of a church who prays weekly for the government, that it be good and just.  This isn’t an anti-government tirade.  This is a cautionary tale.  Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  I don’t want a repeat of the martyrdom of Christians because they will not accept the American Civil Religion of which the government is one of the religious leaders, and other religious leaders must follow suit or face serious consequences.  I want the freedom given me in the Bill of Rights to live a peaceable life as I wish without the government giving me all I need to support my daily life (and all the interference that comes with it).  I have my God who promises to provide for me who will see me through in this life and the next through Jesus Christ, who won my salvation and made me a princess in His kingdom.  I want the government to do what it is supposed to do: to allow me to live in freedom and peace so that I may go about my work uninhibited.


I have sorta taken it on myself to be our family’s historian.  I work hard to find out the stuff that no one might know, or perhaps even care to know, about our family and bring it to life in charts, books, and as much as possible, preserve it so that we know where we come from.  I can see features of my great grandfather from pictures in my nephew’s face.  I see personality traits passed on from my mom to her granddaughters already.  I pray that I have the patience and the understanding that both my grandmothers have and that they would be proud of me that maybe in me they see a little bit of them.  But what has been instilled in my family throughout the generations is the great love for our country and the freedoms we share because of the sacrifices made by brave men and women who have fought in our armed forces.  Today, I am taking time out to thank the ones from my family.  Some names you may recognize.  Most you probably won’t.  And, to my relatives that read this blog, if I have missed someone, either because my records are incomplete or because I can be a ditz at times, please comment and add them!

Currently serving, Lt. John Kirk, USCG (my brother)

Served in peaceable times: Michelle and Tony Schalliol, US Army and Jimmy Clark, USMC (my cousins)

1st Gulf War: Cmdr. Jack Kirk, USN, ret (Chaplain Corps); SSG Michael D. Meyer, US Army, ret (my father and uncle)

Vietnam War: SSG Michael D. Meyer, US Army, ret and Dale E Petersen, USMC (my uncles)

World War II: Gayle J. Kirk, USN Sailor; Charles R. Wheeler; Owen Stanfield, US Army POW; Arthur Owen, US Army, medic; Carlos Stanfield, USN Pacific; Ronald Stanfield, USN Pacific (both my grandfathers and my great uncles)

World War I: Matthew C. Kirk (my great grand uncle)

Civil War: Zachariah Williams (my great great great grandfather)

Revolutionary War: Cornelius King (my great great great great great grandfather)

To those I have missed and to those I have forgotten, I am sorry and maybe round abouts this time next year I’ll have you added.  🙂

To all those who have served, are serving, given their lives, and sacrificed for this great country so that I can sleep tonight in peace, knowing that I have the freedom to gather and worship Christ the crucified without fear of being arrested, persecuted, or martyred for the faith and that tomorrow I can go about my business in this great land, my deepest thanks.