What’s the Big Deal about Privacy?

Who cares if the government is watching me, right?  I mean, I am a law-abiding citizen who has nothing to hide!  Plus, if I have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t matter what they see or hear, as I have nothing to be ashamed of!  That’s a great sentiment, except it really doesn’t work.  I am a typical American.  I have my beliefs, my job, my family, the things that are important to me, and the things I could care less about.  But, I know that what I believe doesn’t mesh with the current government and it’s beliefs, the things that it cares about, and the things that it could care less about.  I think homosexuality is wrong but the government is trying to legalize gay marriage.  I think that federal assistance should be eliminated or at least severely restricted so that people are not making their living off of government hand outs that ultimately come from me and others like me who work very hard for their income.  The government has been expanding that role.  I think abortion should be illegal as it is murder.  There are politicians who would fight tooth and nail to keep it legal to kill another human being.  The fact of the matter is, I believe I have nothing to hide because I have done nothing wrong, but I am sure my government would disagree with that statement.  I would be (and probably am) labeled a bigot, racist, homophobic, narrow-minded Bible thumper.  One who should be stopped, silenced, or “reformed” to keep me from “spreading the hate”.

But let’s think about that for a moment.  My government is going to try to fundamentally change who I am because I do not agree with them.  Isn’t that what the Founding Fathers worked so hard to get away from to found a country that is based upon freedom, even those whom with we do not agree?    If the government is in the business of ruling us what we should and should not think and do beyond the natural law of man, what we consider “right and wrong” can be easily redefined.  Maybe it’s not the state approved religion (or that your religion doesn’t participate and/ or allow gay marriage).  Maybe it’s that abortion is considered a normal medical procedure and you consider it murder.  Regardless, through legislation, punishment, and government sponsored intimidation of those who don’t follow the company line, the morality of those governing us will be imposed on us, voluntarily or involuntarily.  This means that the first step is to scope out those who are the opposition, find their weakness, and then ultimately exploit it.

That’s why government surveillance and breaches of privacy are important.  And keep in mind, just because they do not go after you now doesn’t mean they won’t.  Just by that time, anyone who can stand up for you and fight for you will be gone.  It’s time to take a stand now.  Stand up for those of whom you disagree, because it is their right to speak their mind.  You don’t have to support what they stand for to support their right to stand for it.